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Effects of Texting and Driving

Car Accidents

Car Accidents are one major effect of texting and driving. When you attemp to use your phone behind the wheel, you're taking your focus off of the road and putting yourself and everyone else around you in danger.

Serious Injuries, or Death

Texting and driving is extremely dangerous and can most definitely result in death. There is no message important enough to risk your entire life over. While all accidents are not fatal, they can still be serious and it's best to just try to avoid them altogether.

Suspended License & Fines

If you are caught texting and driving in the few states that it isn't legal, your license can be fined and even suspended. Texting and driving IS breaking the law, and you wouldn't want your driving privelges taken away for one message, right?


DWI: Driving While Intexticated
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